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Mens Club Tournament

8:00 Chris Weiser
  Zach Lussman
8:10 Steve Little
  Marco Benetti
  Scott Snyder
  Roger Bever
8:20 Keith Soffa
  Jeff Chapman
  David Davidson
  Ron Rutledge
8:30 Keith Connors
  Russ Gibson
  Tim McCulloh
  Jim Keegan
8:40 Curt Dentlinger
  Brett Glenn
  Al Wille
  Andy Cullen
8:50 Dave Freeman
  Mark Wackerbarth
  Mike Victor
  Kent Jessen
9:00 Larry Blixt
  Kent Glenn
  Chris Garton
  James Stroud
9:10 Jeff Tracy
  Josh Shull
  Terry Horning
  Rob Jones
9:20 Steve Geadelman
  Deron Durflinger
  Mike Draisey
  Ben Bruins
9:30 Tim Bryte
  Steve Tracy
  Kent Mac
  Randy Reindl
9:40 Kurt Mac
  Tim Redding
  Doug Hilgenberg
  Marc Riley


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