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Hillcrest Country Club
Member Information

Please click on the Membership Application to print off the form.

Application Fee:  Waived

New Member Initiation Fee:  $1000

Annual Fees
Dues Payable in one payment of $1,441.60 or two payments of $749.97 each
1st payment due January 31st
2nd payment due May 31st
- or -
10 monthly payments from January to October of $158.77 each

Annual Assessment - Long Range Planning Fund
$42.40 annual assessment

Cart Shed Rental - If Available
$135.00 annual shed rental
$31.80 annual electricity fee for electric carts

Trail Fee
If you have a cart stored at Hillcrest or bring one onto the premises the annual fee is $63.60

*All fees, except cart shed rental, include 6% Iowa State Sales Tax.

Food and Beverages
The grill, with our new menu, is on every day of the week 11am until close during golf season.  Call for weekend breakfast hours.

All food and drinks must be purchased in the clubhouse when the clubhouse is open. No food or drinks may be brought on the course without manager's permission during clubhouse hours.

Current Clubhouse Hours: 9am until 1 hour prior to sunset 

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